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It’s a modest price to pay for a near-perfect sweater

These sweaters are so good, supplies are rationed

It’s a modest price to pay for a near-perfect sweater

February 18 2010
Damian Foxe

I found myself in central London last weekend wearing not nearly enough clothing for the unseasonably snappy weather and in dire need of a low-cost sweater to get me home without catching pneumonia. I decided to nip into Uniqlo, which is renowned for its inexpensive but well-designed basics, where I discovered what I consider to be a near-perfect sweater, priced just £24.99, in a super-soft and extremely comfortable blend of cashmere and cotton.

It’s part of a capsule collection called +J that has been designed for the chain by the renowned modernist Jil Sander. Its wide waistband and cuffs are reminiscent of a collegiate sweatshirt, but the overall fit is trim, flattering and youthful. I was so impressed that I broke my golden rule of never buying multiples and grabbed three – in navy, camel and candy pink. So popular is the collection, however, that it is limited to one item of each style per customer. I plan to nip back next weekend.

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