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Where to get your downunders down under

These men’s unmentionables deserve a mention

Where to get your downunders down under

March 11 2010
Mark Ellwood

I try to go to Australia at least once a year – and not for the sun, sand or surfing, since I can get all that in Florida a three-hour flight from my home in New York. Rather, I need to buy my year’s supply of downunders down under.

Bonds is Australia’s answer to Hanes clothing in the US: bargain men’s unmentionables sold at any supermarket or department store. But it’s head and shoulders above most underwear staples. Take the Deep Crew undershirt: usually less than A$10 each, they’re knitted in the round without a side seam, so the fit is snug and physique-trimming. As for the ultra-soft boxer briefs (pictured; less than A$20 a pair): they’re comfier and, well, roomier than standard American issue (no wonder those Aussies have such a swagger).

Even better: there’s no international shipping, and overseas distribution is erratic, thus adding cachet to anyone sporting a pair.