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Why bigheads should head to Wyoming

Looking for a cowboy hat that fits? Go west

Why bigheads should head to Wyoming

February 12 2010
Mark Ellwood

I’ve never been able to wear hats: my head is so big that I still remember crying over Christmas crackers aged five when the paper crown was already too small. But I finally found help in Wyoming: King’s Saddlery is the reigning champion of westernwear in the stylish town of Sheridan (as well as being a ranching hub, it’s home to the state’s swankiest polo field).

King’s Saddlery is a sprawling, cave-like place, full of handmade ropes, saddles, boots and riding fixings; the best part, though, is its raft of cowboy hats, from straw to felt in every possible size. It took the saleswoman a 10-second glance to size up my head and find a $30 straw Stetson that would shade me from the sun without clamping, vice-like, on my head. I was saved from headaches and sunburn in a single purchase.