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These wallpapers are not for the faint-hearted

Stunning wallpapers that make a bold statement

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These wallpapers are not for the faint-hearted

January 12 2012
Charlotte Abrahams

Camilla Diedrich is a Swedish designer with a very beautiful line in wallpaper that she has made available to lovers of decorative walls across the globe via her online shop.

These are not papers for the faint-hearted. For example, Westwood (first picture, £88.45 per roll), with its punk take on baroque ornamentation, would certainly make a statement in any room it adorned, but those brave enough to place an order for one of Diedrich’s exuberant designs will be richly rewarded.

My favourite is Nature Ray Charles (£150.89 per roll), a swirling blue floral that, thanks to Diedrich’s adaptation of the chiaroscuro technique, looks as though it is dotted with hundreds of tiny, sparkling lights. I also love the rather quieter True Blue Gold (second picture, £178.79 per roll), partly because it is a joyously vibrant alternative to the traditional stripe and partly because it is printed on a 100-year-old surface printer called The Rose Machine.