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Fabrics that get the pulse racing

This e-store expertly treads a fine line between traditional and modern

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Fabrics that get the pulse racing

December 20 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Je Vous en Prie designs and makes very beautiful woven furnishing fabrics (see, for example, Grape fabric from the Ash collection, second picture, £80 per metre). But anyone who shares my preference for the instant gratification of buying ready-made to the slow pleasure of making will find that it’s the collection of off-the-peg home accessories and furniture that really gets the pulse racing.

Made from pure silk woven in British mills and characterised by the company’s trademark graphic patterns and citrusy colour combinations (Door Stop in zest and peel, £32), these cushions, lampshades, chairs and gifts expertly tread the fine line between tradition and modernity. The large rectangular Truffle lampshade (third picture, £124, shown on a Piza Chrome Floor Base, £81.50), for example, is clean and simple enough for the most contemporary of homes, but the rhythmic pattern is reassuringly timeless.

I found that there was plenty here to tempt me (the Status armchair in Acid, first picture, £1,270, has gone to the top of my Christmas wish list), but the duo behind the label are perfectly happy to do bespoke for fussier folk.