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Design inspiration from Candy & Candy

A new book reveals the secrets of the developer’s design sorcery

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Design inspiration from Candy & Candy

Image: © Candy & Candy

November 15 2011
Robert Cook

Luxury developer Candy & Candy has cast its spell over the most exclusive properties on land, sea and air – from Monaco penthouses to yachts and private jets – for the past 12 years. Now, the secrets behind this interior-design sorcery have been set forth in a generously illustrated book.

The book (first picture) is called Candy & Candy: The Art of Design, and its scope ranges from awe-inspiring overviews to intimate details, presented in all their glossy glory. One spread explains how the firm created a dramatic, James Bond-inspired scheme (complete with bespoke chandelier, 400-bottle champagne wall and study based on a vintage lighter) behind the Grade II-listed façade of a Mayfair residence. The entry is accompanied by an expansive image of the moody, modernist reception room.

As well as discussing specific projects, The Art of Design explains the philosophy behind Candy & Candy’s creations, with sections such as “The Unique Signature”, “Shades & Shapes” and “The Light Fantastic”. The ambitious and innovative nature of its schemes means that almost all the furnishings are bespoke. So it’s only fitting that the book provides rare, behind-the-scenes insight into that work, showing designers and craftspeople labouring over a wide range of one-off items for the company.

With more than 200 inspiring pages, this book is a handsome addition to the coffee-table canon.

Second picture: bar area in a One Hyde Park apartment, Knightsbridge.

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