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Wallpaper that turned a room into a jewel box

A gentle, graphic motif from a talented pattern maker

Wallpaper that turned a room into a jewel box

November 16 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I am inordinately fond of wallpaper. My work zone is home to a vast library of distractingly gorgeous swatches, and single drops of paper hang, painting-like, down several of my walls. I have, however, always resisted papering an entire room. Not because I am frightened of wall-to-wall paper (I love the idea of wrap-around pattern) but because I am frightened of commitment: with so many papers to choose from, how could I possibly settle on one?

But when some building work left us with a useful but entirely characterless dressing room, I knew that nothing short of four walls of fabulous paper would make it a space we’d be happy in. Six months, 60 swatches and a mistake later, I ordered 10 rolls of Neisha Crosland’s Anemone in parchment.

I have long considered Crosland to be one of Britain’s most talented pattern makers and I’ve loved Anemone ever since she first launched it in 1999, but until I saw that gentle, graphic floral motif flowing seamlessly around our dressing room, I hadn’t fully appreciated her skill or its beauty. Anemone has turned the room into a jewel box and I plan to live with for the rest of my days.

Anemone costs £64 per 10m roll and is available from Turnell & Gigon.

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