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An online store of fabulous floral prints

A vibrant colour palette gives these prints terrific energy

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An online store of fabulous floral prints

October 04 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

If you like flowery furnishings, then log on to Abigail Borg’s website, where you will find cushions, fabric and wallpaper covered in some of the most fabulous floral prints around.

Abigail Borg has won three awards and been shortlisted for a fourth since leaving Leeds College of Art four years ago and, even looking at the designs on a dusty laptop screen, it’s easy to see why. Her hand drawings of cottage-garden blooms (think chrysanthemums, lilies and red hot pokers) resemble Victorian botanical prints in their accuracy, but Borg’s vibrant colour palette gives the finished, digitally printed pieces a totally contemporary energy.

Being a fan of all things patterned and exuberant, I am planning Mr Chrysanth wallpaper (first picture, £150 per 10m roll) and a chaise upholstered in Lady Green fabric (£42 per metre), but more cautious homemakers may prefer to start with the glorious Polka Polka cushion instead (second picture, £33 for a cover; for an extra £5, UK customers can buy a feather cushion pad).