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This supersized e-store is a whole new material world

A wealth of fabrics and wall coverings at your fingertips

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This supersized e-store is a whole new material world

June 14 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Fabrics & Papers is a giant of a site – a veritable e-department store of fabrics and wall coverings – but while 3,500 lines sounds rather daunting, the site is, in fact, surprisingly quick to navigate because each supersized department has been divided into manageable sections.

Designer Wallpaper, for example, contains 14 subsections, all bearing titles designed to trigger ideas, such as Feature Walls, Geometric Wallpapers (Tile, £67 per roll) and Flock, while Designer Upholstery Fabric encompasses Stripe (Carlow Woven, second picture, £72 per metre), Damask and Floral. And if you click on a particular thumbnail, you will also be shown a selection of co-ordinates to mix it with. Another lets you see matching products. What could be simpler?

With so many furnishing materials to choose from, you might be tempted to bypass the smaller offerings in Furniture, Cushions and Throws, and Lighting but I’d urge you to take a look because the Juliet cushion (first picture, £175) and Linley Bevel desk lamp (£766) are really very lovely indeed.