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An online emporium of delicate textiles and exquisite wallpapers

Transported into an old-fashioned, fairytale world

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An online emporium of delicate textiles and exquisite wallpapers

November 04 2010
Charlotte Abrahams

Louise Body’s online store is a thing of delicate, nostalgic beauty – which is not surprising given that she’s spent the past seven years designing exquisitely pretty and faintly old-fashioned wallpapers. She also launched her first textile collection this year. Enter the worlds of “Wallpaper”, “Fabrics” or “Cushions” and you’re presented with a set of painterly thumbnails depicting birds, flowers, lace and – rather more saucily – scantily-clad burlesque showgirls. Click on the individual images and you are instantly transported into a fairytale, collaged roomset that’s virtually guaranteed to make you want to buy everything you see.

Body says she is inspired by childhood nostalgia, and many of her images are of old family artefacts – Marney’s Lace, for example, was created by photo-exposing a length of her grandmother’s lace, while Autumn Woods is made up pictures of ferns and flowers pressed by a long-ago relative.

The roomsets and close-up function give a clear idea of the scale and detail of each design, but with prices of up to £95 a roll for wallpaper and £68 per metre for fabrics, I’d recommend ordering some actual samples before you buy. There is a charge (£6.50 for six papers, £5 for three fabrics), but they do come in a rather lovely folder and, if you’re craftily inclined, you could always turn them into something decorative for your home.

First picture: Foxglove fabric, £68 per metre. Second picture: Erotica wallpaper, £58 per roll. Third picture: Succulent fabric, £65 per metre.