Interior Design

The house of reassembly

Artists of antique assemblages, Hannah Plumb and James Russell are in their element amid a bricolage of recycled and reclaimed objects. Styling by Damian Foxe.

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Hannah wears silk dress and flower bodice, price on request, by Antonio Marras. Cotton cardigan (on arm), £2,880, and leather and wood clogs, £850, by Chanel. Wilfred the dog wears vintage Fortuny organza ruff, price on request, from Dorothy Sarafoglou.

Interior, clockwise from centre: ebonised Arts and Crafts chair, £1,650, from Clarke & Reilly. Porcelain teacups and saucers, by Potomak for Mint, £65 each set. Sterling silver spoons, £425 each, by Caren Hartley from Mint. Lavoisier Chandelier made from antique and recycled chains and objects, £5,500, by Maria Zureta. The Hair & The Tortoise book and candelabra assemblage with string and pulleys, £850, by JamesPlumb.

Antonio Marras, and see Feathers. Caren Hartley, and see Mint. Chanel, 26 Old Bond Street, London W1 (020-7493 5040; and branches/stockists. Clarke & Reilly, 8 Porchester Place, London W2 (020-7262 3500; Dorothy Sarafoglou, 0780-184 3677; Feathers, 42 Hans Crescent, London SW1 (020-7589 5802; and branch. JamesPlumb, 020-7738 5547; Maria Zureta, Mint, 2 North Terrace, Alexander Square, London SW3 (020-7225 2228;

Image: Gisela Torres