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Helen Green

The designer relishes a trip to Maison&Objet in Paris

Helen Green

January 21 2012
Helen Green

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As a designer, I’m always looking for inspiration from varying sources. It is crucial to stay abreast of innovation and trends and Maison&Objet in Paris offers everything in one location. This morning we got up early and headed to the show to beat the crowds. I work with an inspiring Parisian designer who has been involved in several projects with me over a number of years; she scouts the entire fair in advance and then leads me to the most relevant areas to help save time. I visit this show regularly and many exhibitors are well known to me; my goal each time is always to leave with contacts for three completely new suppliers who I’ll hope to use in the future. Naturally, we always meet other British designers and there is a collective good feeling, knowing that the design world is moving forward.

We stop for a delicious lunch in the highly rated Elle café and try to digest all that we have seen. Even in this enormous exhibition, at one of the largest design shows in Europe, the Parisians manage to make a salade frisée a work of art.

The journey home to London is made easier by the complete luxury of Eurostar, which seems to go just a bit faster each time I take it. I relish the journey time and manage conversations with both clients and members of my design team, which I would never manage in the general day-to-day madness of life.

With the hour we gain, I get home in time to manage to see the children before bed. They are excited and really keen to share their day with me, and I have the task of choosing Tallulah’s clothes for tomorrow; this has become such a time-consuming exercise that we have decided it’s easier to start the evening before so she is happy with her decision… I am sure I was once the same.

Usually we are in the country for the weekend, so a Friday evening in London is a treat. Our neighbours come round for supper and we enjoy the most delicious chicken casserole from The Grocer on Kings, which is really the only pre-made food I like. Our nanny, who is the centre of my world, has picked up slices of chocolate cake from Jak’s in Walton Street, so we all start the weekend with a true feast – always the best way to reflect on the achievements of another busy week.

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