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Helen Green

The designer is distracted by thoughts of Caribbean beaches

Helen Green

January 18 2012
Helen Green

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Early start today as I head straight to the studios at 8am, resisting cinnamon swirls from Baker & Spice as I race by. I’m working with my design studio to launch our third furniture collection, and this morning provides an opportunity to review final designs before giving the go-ahead on production. This is a hugely involved and exciting process – sourcing materials and finishes can certainly take you down some interesting routes. This collection is going to be very different from the previous two: bolder, brighter and more eclectic. I’ve had such fun working on it and can’t wait to see the first prototypes.

Time absolutely flies when I’m in the studio. I meet my very dear friend Pam Fattel at Bar Boulud, who has introduced the stunning Scapa accessories and furniture collection to the UK. We are trying to figure out a way to blend her chic furniture into our current schemes.

Following a lovely lunch, I collect my daughter Tallulah, and together we head to Peggy Porschen for an afternoon treat. Peggy made my wedding cake as well as the beautiful cakes and decorated biscuits for the children’s christenings. We pick up a selection of the fabulous bride-and-groom biscuits as a present for one of the girls in the office who is getting married next week.

By late afternoon my husband Harry and I complete a high-speed turnaround and we head back down to the country as tomorrow he is hosting a pheasant shoot. Our evening is spent planning our romantic getaway; at the end of the month, we are going to Antigua to stay at Carlisle Bay, Gordon Campbell Gray’s Caribbean masterpiece, for some well-earned downtime. Very much looking forward to getting to know Antigua a little better as I adore the Caribbean and know it well, having spent many happy times at Coral Reef Club in Barbados with my family. This timeless hotel is very dear to me as our team designed the Spa and more recently refurbished four of the beautiful Plantation Suites. One of the challenges of this project was that the new-look suites had to maintain an authentic Caribbean living environment, while offering the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

Must stop getting carried away with thoughts of white sandy beaches – got to get some sleep as I need my energy for tomorrow’s shoot…

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