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Helen Green

The London designer on the thrill of meeting new clients

Helen Green

January 17 2012
Helen Green

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I arrived back from our house in the country last night and, as ever, Monday morning is spent catching up after a busy weekend with the children, usually with a house full and meeting up with local friends. We spend wonderful weekends in the country, cocooned by the Sussex hills and revelling in the crisp January air, but it’s always great to get back to our London life; and this morning in particular I feel geared up for a busy week.

After dropping the children at school, I have just enough time to grab a coffee and have a quick debrief with my head of design, Natalia Miyar, before we head to a new client meeting in Holland Park. Even after all my years in the business, I still love meeting new clients and being able to meet their design aspirations. The initial brainstorms produce such creativity and excitement. Today’s is no exception: the client has just bought a new London home and plans to be adventurous with it – we are thrilled to head up such a transformation. In addition to our interior design practice, we have a substantial architectural department and are therefore well placed to oversee the major structural changes that the client requires. After such a creative morning, we all part company, buzzing with ideas.

On our way back to the studio, we drop by at Willer to view some of their amazing art and accessories. I particularly love their artisanal throws by Claudy Jongstra, a Dutch artist who creates the most spectacular pieces. We always try to put conversation pieces in our projects; they add texture and nuance to our work and create a unique space. We also nip into a super shop called Yastik and admire the multicoloured cushions. I particularly love the range filled with lavender; the smell is amazing.

The afternoon in the studio is taken up with the creative team and brainstorming sessions. After a busy day and happily back home, we have a dinner of grilled fish and leaf salad; we try to follow a high-protein diet when we need to drop a few pounds after the holidays. For before bed, I have downloaded the current series of Modern Family onto my iPad – I am a TV addict when I’m at home, and this instant access for movies and TV series has transformed our lives.

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