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Jonathan Adler

The NYC designer ponders Christmas 2011 – and Christmas 2012

Jonathan Adler

October 27 2011
Jonathan Adler

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I wake up early, and power back into the city from Shelter Island to work on my new book, 101 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life. We have an epic meeting about layout, layout, layout. Books are exhausting, and this is only a picture book! I don’t know how my bloke does it: Simon has just finished his fourth book, called Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, which is a hilarious paean to the magic of gay wisdom (and which comes out in January).

We have lunch with our niece Tanya and a fab old bohemian friend of ours who we love but who shall remain nameless. She is a well-known Downtown fixture, with about 800 piercings in her ears, a hairstyle that stands an improbable eight inches above her head, and perennially bright red over-painted lips. She has unreconstructed old lefty ideas, and she had spent all morning at Occupy Wall Street. She tries to explain the agenda of this movement to me, but can’t quite put it into words other than to say that it is “really important work”. OK...

Then it’s back to my office/studio to make some pottery after lunch. I’m working on a new collection for next Christmas – Christmas 2012 already! – of nifty circus-themed ornaments and making some giant table lamps for myself. Then I have to run uptown for a meeting with my private equity business partners. I get clay all over their couture sofa, but they’re totally fine with it – and I love them for it.

We have dinner with our friends Mark and James at Serendipity, which was where all of groovy New York hung out in the 1970s. Our pal Anna Sui told us that it’s still groovy and that we must go check it out, so we do. I’m underwhelmed – the remains of the groovy 1970s psychedelic Victoriana of yore, which made it so cool back in the day, are barely visible beneath all the tacky tourist tat. We are celebrating because James, a fellow potter, has an exhibition opening at Comme des Garçons in Paris the next day. Hooray for my fellow potters!

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