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Francis Sultana

The designer’s week – and his diary – comes to a restful conclusion

Francis Sultana

October 17 2011
Francis Sultana

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I wake up relishing the fact that I am home in London this weekend – and it is going to be sunny! I go through my emails and look at the schedule and realise that apart from this one I have only one other weekend in London before Christmas.

By 9am I am in the gym, which I absolutely love at the weekend as it is so quiet. Once home, it’s time to get going on finishing my second furniture collection – the last pieces are always the most difficult, but I develop them from various sketches that I have created in quiet moments during the past week. I methodically draw them clearly and finish them off in watercolour – we are done and I am happy.

I walk to my “high street”, which, living in the heart of Mayfair, can be quite surreal as the shops on my doorstep are Bond Street’s luxury stores. I do my Saturday morning errands – first popping into my shoemaker, Berlutti, next into Hermès to replace my lost tape measure and finally into Smythson to get next year’s diary. Then it’s time for lunch with friends who are here from Paris to visit Frieze. They adore Bentley’s, which serves up the best oysters I have tasted for months, and we discuss art, the events of the past week, China’s booming prosperity and the fabulous Doug Aitken show at the Victoria Miro Gallery.

The evening is low-key, with a quiet dinner at Scott’s which is still predominant with Frieze visitors who are now getting ready to move on to Paris and FIAC which opens on Wednesday. I will be heading to Paris too but use it mainly as an excuse to have some design-related meetings with the galleries and designers I regularly commission before I also attend the opening at the Grand Palais on Wednesday morning. Tonight at dinner I am entertained by two major and very old-school art collectors – one based in London, and the other in San Francisco. These two women have seen it all and done it all! They have serious collections that the museums envy but we enjoy a light-hearted evening and discuss plans for the Christmas holidays seeing as all our paths will cross in the Caribbean – apparently they are in need of the vitamin D and need to follow the sun, but all I can say is that neither looks their age and certainly they behave like thirty-somethings!

Sunday is my favourite day of the week as the plan is always to do very little and boost the energies for the week ahead. A gentle work-out, Mass at Farm Street, and then my favourite – a Sunday roast at Mr & Mrs B’s with friends which is delicious in every way and enhanced by a gentle stroll home late afternoon.

I take time to catch up on all the magazines that have come this week, leaf through a beautiful book that has been sent to me from Anderson & Sheppard, my tailors, and browse the new Oliver Messel book. I adore his work and it is very inspirational. I catch up with some last emails and thank-yous, check and edit the diary for the week ahead, and fall into bed satisfied that everything is taken care of before it all kicks off again in the morning!

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