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Maximilian Riedel

The glassmaking scion heads homeward to oversee a new project

Maximilian Riedel

July 01 2011
Maximilian Riedel

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This morning I finish packing for a trip to my hometown of Kufstein, Austria, where I plan to spend time in the factory overseeing the handmade crafting of my newest decanter – the Mamba. Considering the amount I travel on a monthly basis, my packing routine is down to a science. Within a matter of an hour, I carefully and precisely place my belongings, documents and portable Riedel O to Go stemless wine glass into a suitcase and head out of the door.

I drive my 1969 red Mustang Mach 1 to New Jersey where I drop it off for its routine servicing. A member of my staff picks me up from the autobody shop with an espresso and today’s Financial Times in hand. Upon arrival at the New Jersey office, I attend to business matters with my team in preparation for my departure. My marketing team and I review a prototype of a new sample carry bag which I am considering for my sales force; it features our new Grape Varietal Specific Riedel logo and has endless amounts of compartments to fit all the necessary sales tools. I can’t wait to show our regional sales managers during our sales conference in Chicago at the end of July! It seems that my US staff have everything under control while I am abroad for the next few weeks, but I always have my iPad and iPhone handy to check in on emails and make sure all is running smoothly.

I am soon off to JFK airport to catch my Lufthansa flight to Kufstein. The airport is mobbed with eager travellers heading to their Fourth of July destinations. These are the times that I am happy to be flying first class, allowing me to circumvent the crowds at the security checkpoint. Once in the terminal, I stop at the Star Alliance Presidents Club to relax before boarding the long flight ahead of me.

Finally on the plane, the stewardess inquires if I would like anything to drink before takeoff. I smile at her and pull out my O to Go stemless glass from my travel briefcase, remove it from its protective canister, and ask her if she wouldn’t mind bringing me a bottle of water – which I proceed to pour into my personal glass and sip as I settle in for this long journey.

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