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Maximilian Riedel

An espresso, then it’s down to business for the CEO of Riedel Crystal USA

Maximilian Riedel

June 28 2011
Maximilian Riedel

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I am just back from visiting my company’s headquarters in Kufstein, Austria, for the weekend, so I awoke this morning a bit jet-lagged, but energised by my daily espresso shot. This morning, I am bringing my newest creation, the Mamba decanter, to the Riedel showroom in New York’s Gramercy neighborhood, where it will be shown to clients who have been eagerly awaiting its release. During the few days I spent at our factory, I met with an independent product testing team, who informed me that the Mamba speeds up the decanting process 18.5 times faster than the standard pitcher-shaped decanter.

After a morning of meetings with my sales team and clients, I am excited to visit one of my favourite restaurants, chef Andrew Carmellini’s A Voce, which is conveniently located on the ground floor of my office building. The menu changes seasonally, and today I am delighted to find a light pasta dish of branzino: Mediterranean sea bass, spring onions, Yukon gold potatoes, bagnet vert.

The rest of the day is spent in meetings with clients in town from Napa and Europe, and by the end of the day I am glad to relax. My friends, chef Marcus Samuelsson of New York’s Red Rooster and chef John Delucie of The Lion, are cooking for Saveur magazine’s summer barbecue at Pier 66. Since moving to the US in 2000, I’ve developed an appetite for the most American of foods – barbecue from the South. As a wine professional, I have loved tasting Sonoma zinfandels at many a summer barbecue, and tonight I am delighted by St Francis’ “Old Vines” zinfandel paired with the grilled dishes my friends have prepared.

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