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Nigel Coates

A hardcore day of meetings and packing for the globe-trotting architect

Nigel Coates

June 16 2011
Nigel Coates

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Wake up in my own bed and brace myself for a hardcore day of meetings and packing – I’m off to São Paulo this evening to give a talk at a new high-end design fair. Shame they organised it to overlap Basel, but hey, I’m doing both.

First off I have a meeting with a greige bureaucrat. Overcast beginning to the day but won’t let him get me down. We seem to be speaking different languages.

Spirits lift as I’m back in my South Kensington studio. There’s a lot to get through before leaving tonight, including updating the team on my Basel experience and what I’d like them to be doing while I’m away. I need a few more images for the talk in São Paulo tomorrow, including some of my hotel projects and designs from various stages of my career.

I’ve named the talk The Architecture of the Object, but I want to begin with a take on the city. I love the confusion and layering of cities that are not quite perfect, such as London, Tokyo or indeed São Paulo.

Around 5pm we have a meeting with Angel Monson from Vessel gallery in London who wants to do a show with us this autumn. We’re all very excited and talk about various lighting pieces and how they might work together.

Back home around 6.30 and I’ve only got an hour to pack. Can’t find my favourite blue striped shirt. Maybe I left it in Italy? It turns up in my rucksack: it’ll go perfectly with my hospital-blue chinos.

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