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Rabih Hage

There’s pre-presentation stress in the designer’s studio – but stress is good

Rabih Hage

June 08 2011
Rabih Hage

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Presentation, presentation, presentation: Tuesday is a presentation day. I am fortunate to have a very good team that delivers, and it seems that we are all synchronised today.

We just finished plans and hand drawings for two presentations that will happen today and tomorrow and we have to revise some plans and mood boards for Friday. The design studio is busy with an air of relaxed tension. It is ticking and humming. All kinds of noises are fusing around with a layer of United Nations sound; the Venezuelan “twins”, as I call them, Alvaro and Miguel, are arguing in Spanish about a layer of a plan that has disappeared on the US-built software, blaming the Chinese-made mouse to have eaten it. I like the Spanish comments always in the background when we are working.

I like this feeling of full steam ahead during the week. I am usually the stressed guy but it seems that it is rippling around on the team. I think stress is good. When you feel the tension prior to a presentation, it means that your work matters and you are putting enough emotion into the work which will come through as a good aesthetic result.

The day passed with this tense feeling until my 2pm meeting with another very nice client in Mayfair. There was so much to discuss, and with not enough time to go through all points, we added another meeting on Thursday to continue the presentation.

The boys have done a good job and have put more information than needed on the papers. OK, we will streamline the presentation for next time.

The afternoon went very quickly; I was going back and forth between the studio, home and Smythson of Bond Street to get a very nice little present for Talia, finishing school today and moving to the US for university. I got her one of my favourite little notebooks called “Places to Remember”. I like this small notebook where one writes one’s experiences and addresses. It extends travel and happy moments effortlessly and with an individual touch. Bravo, Smythson’s art director!

I finished a few hand sketches at the studio in few minutes (I have always liked the result of these energetic sketches) and left for the early drinks party.

Talia’s parents had invited me to join them on their magnificent terrace in Belgravia with friends and family for drinks in honour of their daughter. An exquisite reception by some of the nicest people in this part of the world; refinement and fun. I left the party around 9pm and walked for a few minutes under the most beautiful blue London sky, which comes around once a year during these long days of June. There are colours and temperatures that remind you more of beautiful moments than images and sounds do. Walking home through Pavilion Road, looking up at one of the terraces that gave me many design inspirations and hangovers; the back terrace of Françoise de P, it was just as it was when I moved to London more than 10 years ago.

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