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Tara Bernerd

The gym never gets any easier, but Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is a joy

Tara Bernerd

May 17 2011
Tara Bernerd

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As ever, I find myself starting this week almost pinching myself in amazement at how quickly time seems to be flying past. It’s as if someone has grabbed my remote and is pressing fast forward.

So thank you to the FT for the invitation to blog, as one thing is for sure: a little time out to reflect, indeed to press pause and write up a journal is without a doubt a welcome pit stop.

Having committed to my own weekly blog, thanks to Dylan Jones my editor at GQ, not only encouraging me a few years ago, but so accurately telling me that this was to be the future; and, never being quite the candidate for ironing, I can safely say that writing has become quite the therapeutic pastime.

Travel, which features heavily in my existence and which is where I really switch off, has proved to be the ideal platform (so to speak) for writing; be it blogging, planning for my projects or otherwise.

I arrived back on Sunday evening from Geneva, with British Airways thus into T5. Which is where I must stop for a brief moment and applaud something that the British can be pretty proud of: the terminal is slick and works a treat – chapeau to Richard Rogers. It’s a reflection of the way forward and, compared to the terrifying Terminal 3, where I am due to be later this week, an utter pleasure. In fact, noted to try and change flights accordingly.

My day kicks off at the gym. It’s my greatest morning dread, as working out has never come naturally to me and I envy those who “pop” out of bed looking forward to it; for me it’s simple, it’s my first chore to be achieved, although KX, a state-of-the-art members’ club based in Chelsea, is the Four Seasons in ranking in the world of gyms.

Monday has a weekly commitment at my company Target Living of project updates; and thus internal design meetings are scheduled accordingly for the week.

This week promises all the usual surprises and a little more with all sign-offs for Belgraves, our boutique hotel project in the heart of, yes, Belgravia, required this week. This hotel, with 85 bedrooms and suites, is the first in London from New York’s Thompson group, so suffice to say that with lounge bars, lobby and restaurants, this is one demanding project.

By 2pm I was with my dear friend Tyler Brûlé for an overdue catch-up on everything, brainstorming our lives. Plus I had a chance to see his incredibly cool and stylish new London HQ. Straight out of the book of Monocle perfection, it is a homage to all things tasteful. I think I also convinced him to join me this summer sailing in southern Turkey so I’ll be working on finding another gulet.

Then it was back to the office where the BBC sent a car for a commitment made some time ago to record a show airing this Wednesday. Not exactly my day job, let’s leave it at that, so en route to film The Apprentice: You’re Fired with a live studio audience as the guest expert, I managed to finish a number of e-mails and calls.

Filming ended at 10pm; I can say no more, except that it was great. Sleep came shortly afterwards, and the horror of the shocking allegations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn certainly distracted me from the usual dreaded thought of the gym again tomorrow am!

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