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Ilse Crawford

The husband is back, which means a fridge full of potato soup, bacon and chorizo

Ilse Crawford

February 04 2011
Ilse Crawford

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It may be the Year of the Rabbit, but my rabbit food has been evicted from the fridge for the time being. The husband is back and it’s back to a fridge full of arepas, potato soup, bacon, chorizo. I wake up with him prodding me, quoting something he’s just read in the paper: “The Japanese government’s nutritional advice is to eat 33 different things each day because who knows what sticks.” Oscar takes passion for food to a whole new level. When we travel we always take an empty suitcase to bring back wine and food. Last time on our return from Colombia it was five kilos of arepas and a couple of kilos of panuchas (a Colombian sweet). Luckily for me he is an amazing cook.

Yesterday was a head-down day in the studio. Running a design studio is one third daily studio issues (people, organising, finance), one third working on new business, and one third design time. Then there is the other third, which is the background knowledge one must constantly develop. That is why you have to be obsessed to do this profession. I have a great team, all interesting individuals of different nationalities who I enjoy working with so I never feel that gloom of going to the office. Our issues are more the challenges of the real world, and making brands, buildings and projects real through all the ups and downs of the times.

In the afternoon I touch base with a Hungarian client, a young entrepreneur, who tells me of the trials and tribulations of raising money, and getting permits under the newly elected regime. Evidently bureaucrats can be fired at will these days so the system has ground to a halt, as no one wants to take responsibility. Consequently his building is delayed six months and so are we.

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