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Time-limited luxuries

A hotel hosts an exhibition of eminently collectable porcelain

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Time-limited luxuries

December 20 2010
Julian Allason

Herend porcelain is not the sort of china you break at a big fat Greek wedding. But it is among the most collectable – and also the subject of renewed interest with its inclusion in the Treasures from Budapest exhibition of European masterpieces at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Connoisseurs should also be intrigued by a beautiful collection now on display at that bastion of establishment chic, Dukes Hotel, St James’s.

The hotel’s Penthouse Suite has been transformed into the Herend Suite, showcasing an enviable collection curated by the experts of Thomas Goode & Co. In addition to the classic Queen Victoria set commissioned by her late Majesty for Windsor Castle (first picture), there are examples from the serene Carreaux Bleus Turquoises, Armoriaux (teapot, second picture), and small decorative pieces such as a horse (third picture) and a unicorn figurine that make memorable gifts. All but the museum-quality items will be for sale and can be gift-wrapped by Thomas Goode & Co in indestructible packaging. Guests booking the suite also receive complimentary admission to the Treasures from Budapest exhibition. The Herend collection is, however, available to view without charge whenever the suite is unoccupied.

Were Greeks to appear bearing gifts in the familiar Goode livery, it might be unwise to turn them away.