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Nicky Haslam

At the end of a hectic week, the designer heads for Hampshire

Nicky Haslam

November 27 2010
Nicky Haslam

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Spent Friday in the office sourcing items for current projects. Lunch was a simple affair today of soup from EAT as it was most necessary after the heating in the office failed and we sat here looking weary and cold longing for the weekend. Spoke to my creative director, Colette van der Thillart, about the new fabric and furniture range we are producing, wonderful names such as Shutter Stripe, Tiger Wood (ha ha!) and Greenbriar.

I did a couple of telephone interviews; everyone seems to want to know what the best gift, worst possible present and what you would spend £10 on this Christmas. I suggested a copy of my book, Redeeming Features, which has just come out in paperback – silly question really!

The afternoon was spent creating a watercolour for a project we are working on in Miami; clients and visitors to the offices are charmed by the watercolours that have been produced over the years, they are a collection of visual memories and each one tells its own story, whether it be the taste or personality of the client.

A watercolour drawing for a project will take up to a couple of days so I leave it incomplete for the weekend. Come the witching hour, I head to Hampshire where I have a place in the country and spend many, many happy hours pottering in the garden on weekends and entertaining; after a busy week in London, it is the necessary tonic to remain what one would consider relatively sane!

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