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David Collins

The designer goes weak at the knees thanks to a set of wall lights

David Collins

October 09 2010
David Collins

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Following hot on the heels of the fashion and design shows, London is hosting the Pavilion of Art & Design which segues well with Frieze. Both these fairs are opportunities to spend your own money, or have a client see what can be inspiring and beautiful in their home or office.

Sometimes it is the contemporary pieces I go for, such as by Ingrid Donat from the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, but often it is the 20th-century furniture and lighting that makes me weak at the knees; who knew that organic Jouve wall lights could be so irresistible until I saw them exquisitely displayed at the Biennale in Paris last week? I had to buy them even though the price seems crazy. However, I find that these pieces connect more to my aesthetic than trophy art at many times the price.

I am always surprised when the people I work for or with balk at the price of exquisite iconic modernist furniture, but throw caution to the wind when it comes to a name on a piece of canvas. Regardless of my innate good sense, I cannot resist items of pure beauty and great design. As Karl Lagerfeld says, “Throw money out the window and it comes back in the door.” And judging from this season’s Chanel, the door in the igloo.

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