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David Collins

Facing the music – and being seriously inspired by it

David Collins

October 08 2010
David Collins

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To Giancarlo Giametti’s apartment in London, where I am reminded that the designer can only do so much and it is the collaboration that counts. Everything here is perfect: the lighting, the art, the decoration, the food, the crowd… something to aspire to, then. It makes me resolve to try harder and raise my game.

Sometimes I see something that really inspires me in a strange and surprising context. I was recently passing time while a girlfriend rifled in a vintage store when I came across a box of old records, not CDs. There was Miles Davis, Chick Corea, old soundtracks – but what struck me about the earlier records was the beautiful, painterly artwork. I find the paintings atmospheric and the colours mood-altering – it reminded me of an exhibition I once saw in Paris called The Jazz Century and, as with all things that tend to occur by chance, I saw that Prada had produced a collection of vibrant colours that echoed some of these images. To complete the circle, I started sketching art work for the new Bassoon piano bar at The Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall – inspired by the amalgamation of all these musical images.

I think that design and music are aligned: the symmetry, balance and harmony are all subliminal reminders of how the environment influences us. Going forward, music will be playing a more and more important part in the soundtrack of my designs; another Rhapsody in Blue, perhaps?

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