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David Collins

Meditations on the inimitable style of the Milanese male

David Collins

October 07 2010
David Collins

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To Milan Fashion Week and the opening of our first major retail project, Larus Miani, run by the insanely dashing, charming, stylish, clever, chic Guglielmo Miani who hired me on a whim. He wanted to bring a bit of life and fun to via Montenapoleone, which is of course fabulous for shopping but can be a bit dead at night. Guglielmo intends to change that when his rooftop club opens later this year. Among the must-sees is a watch room which sells rare watches, a visit to which caused my friend Michelle to fret all evening about how dull life could be without a rose-faced 1960s Rolex for €55,000.

Guglielmo knows how to enjoy the good life, and at the party of 2,000 on the terraces behind his family’s headquarters, it seems I have stepped into a parallel universe populated by the rich thirty-something gilded Dolce Vita… I turn to my friend to commiserate; we have never seen so much beauty and fine cotton and cashmere gathered in one place before. As always, I am reminded that Milanese men have such a stylish way about them that, try as we may, we simply cannot emulate.

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