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A fantastical world of weather vanes

Bringing a breath of fresh air to weather-vane design

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A fantastical world of weather vanes

January 14 2010
Simon de Burton

It was a small but beautifully formed bronze sculpture of a red shank that led me to discover the talented husband-and-wife team of Karen and Gordon Green back in 2002. Soon afterwards, I had not only acquired a new work of art, but discovered the fantastical world of weather vanes; for Karen, it turned out, is one of the most highly regarded vane-makers in the world.

Trained on Martha’s Vineyard by the late maestro Travis Tuck, she brought her talents to England in the late 1990s and now she and Gordon operate from a large workshop and gallery in Tyberton, Herefordshire, where hand-beaten, hand-brazed, perfectly balanced vanes are created to clients’ exact specifications in all manner of designs, from a charging bull to a school of leaping dolphins (pictured), from a giant seahorse to Mr Toad from Toad of Toad Hall. Blow in for a look – you won’t be disappointed. Prices from £900 to £5,000-plus.