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Beautifully patterned exotic rugs, without the trek

Rugs that add instant warmth to a room

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Beautifully patterned exotic rugs, without the trek

December 17 2009
Karen Wheeler

There are few things, in my opinion, that can rev up a room, or add warmth to an interior, as successfully as a rug. Generally, I believe in buying exotic rugs at source – Hereke carpets from Turkey are my personal passion – but if you don’t have the time or inclination to trek off to the Middle East or Iran, I have found an unlikely source of beautiful patterned carpets much closer to home.

Oka, the home furnishings company founded by Samantha Cameron’s mother, Annabel Astor, has a great range of woven wool rugs featuring the exotic patterns and designs of the East. They include the Bishek (second picture, £1,100), inspired by an early Turkish design, and the Calicut (third picture, £899 or £1,590, depending on size), which is a copy of an antique Suzani hanging, right down to the faded colouring.

My favourite, however, is the striking red and blue Bukhara rug (first picture, £1,590). Based on a typical Suzani design, this carpet would slot beautifully into any British room, traditional or modern.

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