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Everyday life suddenly smells sweeter

Never has ironing been so enjoyable

Everyday life suddenly smells sweeter

December 27 2009
Karen Wheeler

I’m a great believer that it’s the small luxuries – the seemingly insignificant items that you use every day – that really count. I’m particularly drawn to anything that turns a chore into a pleasant activity, which is why I love the new concept from perfumer Lyn Harris of Miller Harris. Called The Edit, it is a range of everyday items, curated or created by Lyn herself and given the special Miller Harris treatment. Items include linen tea towels (£6), notebooks (£6) and cloth shopping bags (£6), all printed with Miller Harris’s signature botanical print.

Among my favourite items, however, second only to the fabulously chic and fragrant range of olive oils (£14), are the Flower Waters (pictured), available in Rose Centifolia (£21), Lavande (£17) and Fleurs d’Oranger (£15). Sourced from the tiny village of Pégomas near Grasse, these traditionally-produced, very pure distillates are a by-product of the perfume industry. Lyn discovered them while studying to be a perfumer; basically, when flowers and leaves are distilled with steam, there remains a small amount of the flower essences in the water that condenses. These subtly-scented distillates are the flower waters. Lyn has used them herself ever since, as a skin tonic and to scent her laundry. I too am now addicted. Never has ironing been so enjoyable.