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LG F1443KD Direct Drive 11kg washing machine

Washing machines are not sexy, and LG is not the smartest brand, but wait…

LG F1443KD Direct Drive 11kg washing machine

Image: Hugh Threlfall

December 21 2009
Jonathan Margolis

LG made the most ridiculous fool of itself in the autumn, releasing a new TV with the exciting claim that it was “borderless” with an edge-to-edge picture – wow! – when in fact it had perfectly ordinary black borders. It’s a humiliating brand catastrophe so idiotic it wouldn’t mislead my cat.

And yet, the same week, unnoticed amid the borderless furore, LG also released the most amazing washing machine I’ve ever seen. OK, washing machines aren’t that sexy, and LG isn’t the smartest brand, but wait. The F1443KD is the standard 60cm width to fit in any kitchen or utility room but takes an 11kg wash load. That’s 24 pounds – the entire contents of the typical suitcase, or 11 bath towels. Furthermore, the “silent wash” programme is apparently the world’s quietest at 64dBA on spin, which is less than the ambience of the average library. And it comes in a very slinky black, too.

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