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The enduring power of the World’s End squiggle

Vivienne Westwood’s squiggle print lives on

The enduring power of the World’s End squiggle

November 30 2009
Mark C O’Flaherty

I’m somewhat obsessed with the squiggle print that first appeared under Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s World’s End label as part of their 1981 Pirates collection. As a symbol of the kick-off for one of London’s wildest and most inventive fashion periods, it coloured my most formative and style-hungry years, and I’ve been drawn like a magpie to any vintage pieces featuring the pattern ever since.

I loved it when The Rug Company started producing carpeting with the pattern, and I was delighted last year when the windows of Molteni & C Dada in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue were filled with cushions, chairs and sofas using it. Right now I love the Cole & Son range of Westwood wallpapers (pictured) which has just debuted at £55 per roll. They are producing it in five colourways, but the blue on white and black on orange are the strongest.