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Fetching ceramics, fashionable vintage and more

A new addition to the virtual high street houses hard-to-source finds

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Fetching ceramics, fashionable vintage and more

February 14 2012
Charlotte Abrahams

There is indeed much to love, want and buy on this new addition to the virtual high street. Launched by Emma Aldous-Fountain as a lifestyle website specialising in objects that can’t be found elsewhere, Love It Want It Buy It’s six departments (Stylish Home, Gifts for Children, Boys and Blokes, Pressies, Outdoors and the seasonal Valentine’s Day) offer a mix of chic necessities such as men’s wash bags (third picture, £15), indulgent accessories (Throw and Wrap Around, £55) and global finds.

Chief among these is a range of handmade pottery by South African company Wonki Ware. There is enough here to equip an entire kitchen (the site has the largest range of Wonki Wear in the UK), but if the need is for a pretty addition to an existing collection of crockery, then the Plain Wash Jug (first picture, £55) – which makes the perfect receptacle for a generous bunch of white tulips – fits the bill to a T.

The Vintage offering, which can be found within Stylish Home, is also worth exploring. An ever-changing showcase, it currently boasts some adorable Forever Vintage Bunnies (second picture, £29 each). Made from unbleached linen and sporting pretty floral frocks sewn from both vintage and modern fabrics, these are the sort of soft toys made for heavy-duty affection at the hands of small children.