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The lamp that comes with its own pebble

A chic floor lamp that flawlessly blends form and function

The lamp that comes with its own pebble

Image: © John Harding

December 09 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I have decided to avoid the shops this year and buy all my Christmas gifts direct from the maker. I’m aware that I may run into difficulties with the youth section of my list, as every teenager in my life appears to want some small piece of hi-techery by a global brand, but at the moment, the plan is going swimmingly.

My biggest success so far is the Helix floor lamp, which I have recently ordered from English furniture maker David Bowerman. Bowerman may work in wood, but he is an engineer at heart (he also makes the most extraordinary wooden clocks and automata) and it’s this sensibility that gives the lamp its strikingly functional aesthetic.

Made from a single piece of lightly sanded ash, Helix consists of four splayed-out legs which have been twisted through 45 degrees and then secured by a square of 6mm steel rods. The result is most chic and understated. But the feature that really appealed to me was the suspended pebble in the centre. This is not an aesthetic fancy but rather a practical and elegant solution to a design problem. (It’s there to provide stability since tall, free-standing objects are inherently unstable unless the bulk of the mass is low down.) The recipient of this lamp is a firm believer in form following function, so I know he will be thrilled.

The Helix lampstand measures 5ft x1ft x 1ft and costs £325, including delivery but excluding a lampshade.

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