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Vintage goodies for the contemporary home

An e-store that’s a trove of reinvented treasures for the home

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Vintage goodies for the contemporary home

December 08 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Magpie Home & Interiors deals in vintage furniture and accessories which it has re-invented for the contemporary home. Of course, it does rather depend on the contemporary home in question – strict minimalists, for example, might baulk at the idea of a Mixed Vintage tea set composed of mis-matched, “pre-loved” china cups and saucers (second picture, £55). But anyone seeking that fashionable midcentury-with-a-touch-of-glamour vibe should click, without delay, on both the Seating (Ercol Windsor Chair, £255) and the Storage (Classic Bureau, first picture, £399) departments.

This e-store also has something to please people who prefer their vintage goodies in their original state. Accessories and Album Art are both unashamedly nostalgic categories filled with odd and eccentric delights such as a Silver Reed Silverette portable typewriter and – joy of joys – a framed version of Abba’s Arrival album (£29.99).