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The only limit to these rugs is your imagination

Bespoke rugs from Turkey that give a lifetime of pleasure

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The only limit to these rugs is your imagination

December 07 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Stepevi has been making rugs since 1919 – and very beautiful rugs they are too. The stock collections currently go from the exquisite “Harvest” (made by stitching together pieces of vintage Anatolian carpets) to the graphic simplicity of “Demure”, via seven other contemporary ranges, but if there is nothing there that takes your fancy, then it offers a bespoke service too.

And with this option, the only limit is your own imagination. There are hundreds of colours and yarns available and almost anything is possible design-wise – one of the company’s most recent commissions, for example, was for a rug covered in geometrically arranged objects and symbols inspired by Cubist art collages, metaphysical posters and Futurism from the art deco period. The result was an extravaganza of geometrically arranged objects and symbols reminiscent of a sign from a 1930s Parisian nightclub.

Total freedom can be daunting, of course (with so much choice, where do you begin?) but the Stepevi design team has decades of experience and is on hand to guide clients through their every decision, from the overall shape of the rug to the most suitable length of yarn. Once all the details are in place, the plans are sent to the company’s manufacturing plant in the southern Turkish town of Isparta, where local craftsmen work their magic. The making process takes about six weeks: the pleasure in the finished rug should last a lifetime.

Pictured: rugs made to contract by Stepevi; first picture shows a rug from the W Istanbul Hotel.

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