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An e-store of ‘unique and fabulous’ items

An excellent place to start your Christmas-shopping campaign

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An e-store of ‘unique and fabulous’ items

December 01 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Set up to help web shoppers find “unique and fabulous” items from around the globe, Folly Home is an excellent place to start your Christmas-shopping campaign.

The home page contains a list of all 11 departments so, being a logical kind of a shopper, I began at the top and worked my way down. The whole process took no more than half an hour (it’s a fairly tightly curated selection of wares) and by the end of my wanderings, I had collected gifts for four of my most demanding family members.

The first department, New, yielded a cushion screen printed with a monochrome illustration of an owl (which is, of course, the bird of the moment) for my sister-in-law (Olaf Owl, £24.95, by Lisa Jones Studio), Books contained the marvellous Prehistoric Animals Pop-Up Book, complete with gnashing-jawed T-Rex (£19.95), which will delight my dinosaur-obsessed godson, while the Britannia Backstrap bone-china teapot (£37.95) in Gifts for Him is a shoo-in for my uncle. I made my final purchase in Stationery and, although I have every intention of passing on the 100-year diary (£34.95) to my niece, I have rather fallen for the idea of recording the minutiae of my own life via the five loosely themed sections (About Me, Awards & Achievements, Jobs, Things to do before you Die and Homes)…