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An e-store that’s full of bright lighting ideas

This store is a treasure trove of vintage lighting paraphernalia

An e-store that’s full of bright lighting ideas

November 22 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Historic Lighting is something of a specialist website, but it is a must-visit e-store for anyone looking to buy unusual lighting-related hardware and accessories. The site is a veritable treasure chest of hard-to-find pieces of lighting paraphernalia, ranging from fabric cable and Bakelite roses to cages, rare light bulbs and even rarer light-bulb holders (Metal Light bulb Holder Standard Bayonet with switch and hook, pictured, £6.40 each), all illustrated with admirably clear thumbnail images.

In my opinion, it is these odd bits and bobs that are the real joy of the store, but click on Shades, Wall Lights or Special Lights and you’ll find a rather lovely range of actual lights too (Enamel Workshop Shade in deep black, £62; Old Style Search Light, £374). The emphasis in all three of these departments is on quality and staying power rather than fashionability, but it is worth noting that, at the moment, industrial vintage is one of the hottest looks around.

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