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The unexpected thrill of a late wedding gift

A silver bowl that yields manifold pleasures

The unexpected thrill of a late wedding gift

October 31 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

We received a wedding present recently, which was something of a surprise since the wedding it celebrated was more than a year ago. The givers were apologetic but we were delighted – after all, nothing brightens up an October Monday quite like an unexpected gift. Especially when it contains an exquisite stainless steel bowl adorned with black nickel-plate orchids.

This bowl, by American designer Michael Aram, is in fact the perfect gift. It has purpose (it’s the ideal receptacle for lemons), but it is also beautiful to behold; it is made entirely by hand and is therefore a celebration of craftsmanship and, while we both liked it the moment we removed it from its drawstring bag, we would not have bought it for ourselves.

In the little booklet that accompanies the bowl, Aram writes that “the dark atmosphere of the orchids against the hammered metal is like the afterglow of a beautiful evening”. I am not entirely sure what he means, but the poetic sentiment is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the piece.

The Black Orchid bowl is available in three sizes: small (diameter 5 inches), $89; medium (diameter 9 inches), $199; and large (diameter 12.5 inches), $298.

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