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An e-store of cool, contemporary design

Bringing joy to the hearts of modern-minded homeowners

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An e-store of cool, contemporary design

October 18 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Scrolling down the list of designers on Caroline Mcgrath’s eponymous web store will bring joy to hearts of every modern-minded homeowner. Here, contained in one easy-to-navigate site, are some of the contemporary design world’s most favourite names, from the Scandi cool of Normann Copenhagen and Tonfisk Design to the retro wit of Mini Moderns.

There are 12 departments in total, covering all home-accessory bases, including that new must-have, the wall graphic, and the simplest way to shop is by clicking on your area of interest and perusing the admirably clear thumbnails. Which is precisely what I did one morning instead of making a start on my accounts. Yes, I was procrastinating, but it was a very pleasant way of passing half an hour and I did end up with a show-stopping graphic rug (Dahlia Rug, first picture, from £219), the sweetest fine bone china teapot (Familia Teapot, second picture, £90), and a most elegant pendant light to hang over my dining table (Hang Lamp, third picture, £145).