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Tablemats that will find a place in your affections

An e-store of delightfully obtrusive placemats and accessories

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Tablemats that will find a place in your affections

October 11 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I have always believed that tablemats should be plain and unobtrusive, but this aesthetic tenet has been shaken recently by my discovery of Jenny Duff. Duff designs and makes extremely obtrusive mats, coasters and trays from her studio on the Isle of Thanet in Kent – and very desirable these cork-backed pieces of melamine are too.

There are 23 different designs on offer and thus far I have been unable to come to a decision about which to buy. Do I go for a set of the delightfully retro Yorkshire Coast mats (Coast, first picture), or stick to my contemporary tastes and invest in the Cutlery Jigsaw? And then what about stealing a march on what promises to be 2012’s biggest trend with the purchase of the entire Made in England collection (Interesting)?

Fortunately, Duff is used to such indecision and is happy to sell both individual mats and mixed sets of six (prices start at £4.95 for a coaster). She also sells a small range of accessories by other designers she has met and admires. She has good taste – Dicky Bird’s greetings cards are really very lovely indeed (Birds £2, second picture).

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