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An online platform for charming artefacts

A website that’s perfect for enchanting, unusual presents

An online platform for charming artefacts

October 05 2011
Lucia van der Post

If you love charming and unusual things but are stuck for ways of tracking them down, check out Miratis, a new online boutique that provides a platform for craftspeople and artisans to sell their wares. I found things here that I hadn’t seen before – pieces that would normally only be found on the shelves of small galleries.

Straight off, I was struck by its home page, which features a little white bowl with an uneven edge strewn with hearts in shades of red. It’s by glass artist Jane Dorner, and the smallest size, 6cm, sells for just £36; the 10cm size is £84 and the largest, at 15cm, is £140. Enchanting, and quite unlike anything you’d find in the usual emporia. There’s more of her work on the site – some glorious vases (from £365) and a set of seven nesting bowls with vividly-coloured circles (pictured, £750). Sam Sweet does some charming cut-crystal milk bottles for £110 a time, and I loved Siân Matthews’ strawberry-strewn silver ice-cream spoon – at £140 it would make a terrific christening or wedding present.

You can navigate the site by category or by designer. Under “textiles” there are some fine straw hats by Uma Turan (from £110) and arty scarves by Wallace Sewell (from £70 but mostly £115) that clearly don’t look as if they’ve come off the shelves of a high-street store, being quirky and different. Emma Clegg does fantastic creamy white ceramic bowls decorated with flowers (£155) and a jug in a similar vein for £48. The silverware is gorgeous, and a lot of it precious and pricey – beautiful bowls and beakers by Siân Matthews start from £180 for a very small beaker, while the bowls go up to £2,800. If you’re looking for unique presents, here’s a good place to start.