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Where forlorn items are rescued and reloved

An online emporium of quirky upcycled homewares

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Where forlorn items are rescued and reloved

September 13 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Just when I thought I had finally had my fill of upcycled vintage homewares, along comes yet another must-visit web store dedicated to “reloving” all things quirky and secondhand.

Florence & Florence is the creation of mother-and-daughter duo Christine and Annie Florence who share a very on-trend talent for spotting the potential in all manner of forlorn and discarded items and then turning them into things of functional beauty for the contemporary home. Their job done, each piece is given a Florence & Florence authentication number and tagged with a pleasingly simple luggage label.

It’s a compact offering (112 products on the day I looked), divided into four categories (Tea & Cake, Dinner Parties, Books, Maps & Postcards and Cases, Boxes & Beautiful Things), and I advise anyone with a penchant for old and interesting accessories to wander through each of them in turn – but, if you are pressed for time, these are my recommendations: Rose Bud Tea Trio (£26), Bartholomew’s Map of Dorset (first picture, £22), Pewter Coffee Set (second picture, £125), and Bond Cocktail Set (£42).