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Playful products from an unusual e-store

A distinctively quirky online shop with a tongue-twisting name

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Playful products from an unusual e-store

August 11 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

There is, in fact, nothing at all anonymous about the Anonymous Shop. Five minutes perusing the product range reveals a distinctive signature style, while a couple of clicks (“British Made”/“About Our Products & Us”) unmask the e-store’s creator as award-winning graphic designer Fiona Barlow. But no matter, it’s a good name and the fact that, said quickly, it turns into something of a tongue twister suits the sense of word-based humour that lies at the heart of the collection.

And it’s a small but coherent and rather unusual selection. For example, there are melamine table mats, coasters and pot stands in chic colours such as Olive Grey and French Blue that you can buy in matching or mismatching sets of four (£39 for a set of four table mats) and hand-restored Director’s Chairs with canvas backs and seats printed in various witty patterns, including the very lovely Urbane Fish (£129). There are also kitchen linens, notebooks (Fishing for Compliments, second picture, £9.95) and printed cotton-satin cushions that will delight word-play devotees everywhere (Origami of the Species cushion, first picture, £46).