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An e-store with an enchanting mix of the useful and the unusual

It’s all a bit random – but that’s the charm of this online store

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An e-store with an enchanting mix of the useful and the unusual

July 07 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Dee Puddy set up her eponymous e-store as a way of indulging her passion for unusual, beautifully made pieces for the house and garden. The result is an unashamedly personal selection of objects ranging from wooden swings to porcelain jar labels.

It is all a bit random, but that’s the charm of the site, and Puddy has kept the range small enough to enable shoppers to have a leisurely nose around each of the five departments. I began in Celebrate & Decorate, where I discovered a charming birthday decoration designed to be wrapped around a tea light (Happy Birthday tea light decoration, £5.95), then moved on to House & Home with its interesting mix of the useful (Ostrich feather duster, £24) and the unusual (Henry the Dog, second picture, £110).

My last stop was Vintage – a department that proved to be my undoing. I could justify the purchase of the vintage English printer’s trays (first picture, £48) on the grounds that they provide a place for all the knick-knacks I’ve bought in the past 12 months, but I am still wondering how much my life really needs that set of vintage American wooden buoys (£39.50 each).