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Furniture and accessories that are on-trend – and online

Maximum chic, minimum effort at this destination e-store

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Furniture and accessories that are on-trend – and online

June 30 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Rose & Grey sells vintage and contemporary furniture and home accessories from around the world, and should therefore be a destination e-store for anyone looking to inject a bit of on-trend, eclectic chic into their home with the minimum of effort.

There are 10 categories to choose from but, unless you happen to know that you’re looking for a child’s blanket (quilted owl blanket, £79), I suggest perusing the New Arrivals section first, to get your eye in.

The day I visited, this section contained a very lovely outsized leather handbag, the London Weekender (first picture, currently on sale at £148, reduced from £185), one of those industrial-looking lights that are so fashionable right now (loft desk lamp, £135) and some very painterly wallpaper (Whitby wallpaper, second picture, £45 per roll).

The chances are that you will have blown your budget by the time you reach the end of the section but, nonetheless, I would urge you to explore the remaining nine departments before heading for the checkout. After all, you could wait a long time before finding a sofa with as much lived-in chic as the vintage leather Chesterfield on sale in Furniture (£1,450).