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A fuss-free e-store of pleasingly designed products

A compact, easy-to-use online offering of household essentials

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A fuss-free e-store of pleasingly designed products

June 21 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

The design practice Industrial Facility has built its considerable reputation creating simple products that are as pleasing to use as they are to look at. Now, excitingly, some of these products are available to buy via the equally fuss-free e-store Retail Facility.

This is a compact offering of household essentials, listed (in an appropriately pared-down, sans serif font) by product type. So we have Calculators and Clocks, Dishes, Doorstops and Knives, Lights, Watches, Books and, finally, the slightly more offbeat Specials section, which contains short-run products that don’t fit in any of the above – the day I looked it contained a rather witty Hairglasses headband (£19).

Being a short-haired person, I have no need for a headband, but I do love a bit of utility chic so, after much deliberation over how much of the collection I could justify buying, I settled on a Two Timer S clock (£225), which is a refreshingly simple take on the much overdesigned time-zone clock, the beautiful IF4000 bread knife (£49), the An Alarm watch with its intelligent vibrating alarm (first picture, £269) and a book temptingly entitled Usefulness in Small Things (second picture, £19.95).