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Outdoor textiles that will blow you away

A smart selection of weather-resistant outdoor furnishings

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Outdoor textiles that will blow you away

June 09 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Are you tired of dashing into the garden to retrieve cushions and tablecloths every time the clouds gather? Then log onto Lily Matthews, a newly launched site with a small but rather smart line in weather-resistant seat pads and tablecloths (seat pads from £35.99; tablecloths from £65, both second picture).

Not only are these outdoor textiles refreshingly free from retro florals, they are also wonderfully practical: the seat pads, for example, come with ties to stop them falling off the chairs when the wind gets up, while the tablecloths have an optional parasol fitting that has been designed to allow the cloth to be removed while the parasol is still in place. Clever, eh?

And there’s a chic little indoor section too for people who don’t have a garden (or live somewhere where summers are reliably dry). I would give house room to most of it, but top of my list are the wool scatter cushions (£25) and a soft throw (in blue herringbone, first picture £65) that’s pretty and soft enough to drape over guests as well as furniture.