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A hip online showroom of inspiring interiors

Each of this e-store’s three striking prints comes with its own story

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A hip online showroom of inspiring interiors

May 05 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

If House of Hackney were a real store I would have to question whether I was cool enough to cross its threshold. Fortunately, however, its über-hip showroom is a virtual place and, therefore, even 40ish country folk wearing last season’s trousers can drop in without feeling out of place.

And what a curious store it is. The home page features a print-filled bedroom inhabited by a slender young woman wearing a (rather lovely) lampshade and an invitation to enter three different rooms: Dalston Rose, Queen Bee and Hackney Empire. These rooms represent the three different prints that the work/life partners behind House of Hackney have strewn across their wallpaper, bed linen, furniture and home accessories, and each has its own story: Dalston Rose is a blue and white floral, Queen Bee a bee motif in sage green or dove grey, and Hackney Empire is a black and pink print featuring cocktail-drinking badgers and hookah-smoking sloths.

It is all a bit Alice in Wonderland, but strip away the quirky styling and you find that the products themselves are very livable-with indeed. Top of my wish list are: the Hackney Empire hot pink chaise longue (first picture, £3,500), the Dalston Rose high tea cake stand (second picture, £150), and the truly inspired shadow-effect Dalston Rose Ombre wallpaper (third picture, £96 per roll).