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A Norfolk designer broadens her horizons

Angie Lewin

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A Norfolk designer broadens her horizons

November 09 2009
Dominic Bradbury

I have known about Norfolk-based designer and artist Angie Lewin for some time now and been a big admirer of her prints and book jacket designs, with their elegant flavours of the 1940s and 1950s. Now I have brought her into our living room. We’ve just plumped for her Dandelion Two textiles for St Jude’s (picture two; £32 per metre) – in sage – for a whole wall of curtains, and the effect is calming and transformational. (Also shown: picture one, Green Meadow linocut, £240; picture three, Winter Persephone wood engraving, £145.)

Lewin runs St Jude’s with her husband Simon, based in a gallery in the North Norfolk village of Itteringham, not far from the delights of The Walpole Arms. If you can’t make it to the gallery – which also showcases the work of a select group of similar-minded artists and designers – then take a look at their website and order online, or take note of their growing list of stockists, including Liberty. It’s going to be hard for us Norfolk dumplings to share Angie Lewin with the rest of you, but, given her original, crafted touch, there will be no stopping her.

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